Texas Coast Year-end Sales Volume

The decrease in number of sales (volume), while average price increased and days on market (DOM) decreased, illustrates how our second home coastal markets are at peak performance but lacked [available and desirable] listings.

Our real estate markets ran out of inventory!

This illustrates why we use average price and days on market (DOM) as the best metrics to gauge the Texas coast second home real estate markets. Sales volume metrics must take into consideration available inventory for demand.

  • In some cases, in our small markets, demand can be driven by a few top performing products [neighborhoods and condominium complexes], also called hotspots.
  • That’s why we’re highlighting top performers in our analysis charts and mentioning when they also show up in Google trends. Our hotspots are cyclical, meaning there’s better and worse times to buy for “cost conscious” investors.

If you want to see sales analysis for specific areas or projects, let us know!